Going back to piece 6

Unsatisfied with the outcome of the other scale sample for piece 6, I have decided to go back to it and work on a few of the problems.

The main problems for me were the shape and the smoothness of the exterior surface. I used a slightly deflated football this time as a mold. being slightly deflated meant that there was some movement which helped during the drying incase there was any shrinkage and it also aided the removal of the piece. It gave a much more satisfying uniform shape.

With the exterior surface I concentrated on creating a smooth surface whilst smoothing the paper clay over the knitting. I also spent some time sanding the surface with course sandpaper before spraying with high gloss white paint.

I made the mistake this time of painting the white surface before adding the salt to the interior,  which caused the surface to distort and bubble. I rectified this by sanding again when dry and respraying.



I am much happier with the outcome and am very pleased I took the time to rework this sample. The paper clay is quite light and I feel scaled up could work as a wall mounted piece, but the materials would need testing.


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