Books read as part of research and investigation…

Nothing – New Scientist

finished July 14

Part of an ongoing exploration into non existence and the idea of nothing. This helped me to start to understand a scientific explanation.

Necropolis, London and it’s dead – Catherine Arnold

finished june 14

The history of burial in London.

Regarding the pain of others – Susan Sontag

finished July 14

I found this really interesting. A view of our perception and numbed response to graphic images of horror, Predominantly war imagery.

The Knife Man – Wendy Moore

finished August 14

John Hunter was the most famous surgeon of eighteenth-century London. Rich or poor, aristocrat or human freak, suffering Georgians knew that Hunter’s skills might well save their lives ­but if he failed, their corpses could end up on his dissecting table, their bones and organs destined for display in his remarkable, macabre museum.

The History of Bodmin Jail – Bill Johnson

finished August 14

Detailed history of Bodmin Jail.

The Sick Rose – Richard Barnett

finished October 14

Fascinating look at the role of illustration for historical medical training

Gin: The Much Lamented Death of Madam Geneva – Patrick Dillon 

finished September 14

The history of gin in London, how it arrived into the country and the chaos that ensued.

Elizabeth Roseberry Mitchell’s Graveyard Quilt: An American Pioneer Saga – Linda Otto Lipsett

finished November 14

How the graveyard quilt came about the traumas and trials of the lives of American Pioneers

Sum – Forty tales from the afterlives – David Eagleman

finished Jan 15

A series of short imagined stories about life after death.

Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers – Mary Roach

finished jan 15

What happens to bodies that are donated to science.

Louise Bourgeois – Ulf Kuster

Finished Jan 15

Discovering Epitaphs – Geoffrey N. Wright

ongoing reference

The Oxford Book of Death – edited by D. J. Enright

ongoing reference

 An anthology of writing about the many aspects of death. from poets, novelists,

Hanging Man The Arrest of Ai Weiwei – Barnaby Martin

finished Feb 15

One of the best books I have read for ages, a fantastic insight into the mind of Ai Weiwei just after his release from prison but also with an overview of Chinese history that had given Weiwei his activist stance.

The Textile Reader – edited by Jessica Hemmings

An anthology of writing about textiles


Handmade silk paper – Kath Russon

Found in a charity shop fantastic for tips on techniques

ongoing reference

Photography and death – Audrey Linkman

fascinating insight into the history associated around the photographing of the dead.

ongoing reference

Drawn to stitch- Gwen Hedley

Making fibrous surfaces section


In the dark room A journey in memory – Brian Dillon

A personal exploration through loss and memory, with literary reference.

September 15

Doctors, Dissection and Resurrection Men

Fascinating Achaeology monograph about excavations to the rear of the Royal London Hospital. Evidence of the burial of unclaimed patients between about 1825 and 1841 with evidence of human anatomisation or autopsy.

Ongoing reference

The Diary of a Resurrectionist

The diary of a member of one gang of the resurrection-men in London.

September 15

Core anatomy illustrated – Parkin, Logan & McCarthy 

Educational text book for anatomy students showing photographs of human dissection with labeling and explanation.

Ongoing reference


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