Reconsidering this project

During my final preparations for assessment and working through all of the work, I have spent some time considering this piece of work. I feel that during Assignment 2 Project 10 I panicked a bit and actually in hindsight I feel I had some strong ideas that could have been taken through to a stronger final outcome.

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Historical visualisation

I have spent some time considering my finished sample and overall I am happy that the outcome conveys the ideas that I have wanted to explore.

I started to consider how I would present it if it was a finished piece of work and I did think about simply showing it as a hanging piece of clothing. This just did not feel right for me, it would not convey the despair and deflated exhaustion of the sad life lived. I therefore decided that it should be slumped over something. I want to show the idea of something having once been, once existed, but now deflated, rather like a discarded snake skin.

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Historical project coming together

I am happy with the outcome of this project. This has been quite difficult one to consolidate, but I feel this is getting closer.

I think I could develop this further as I am not sure i feel this is a completely finished idea.

With this idea I felt I needed to actually use the dress, so that I could get a really good idea about how the finished piece could look.

dress detail

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Shelly Goldsmith

Having started to think about my piece for project 2 and using the child’s dress as a basis for it, I am reminded of Shelly Goldsmith but more particularly her piece titled ‘Erupted Cocktail Dress’. For me this piece is about the emotional masks people sometimes wear in public, and explores the idea of making these outwardly visible. Her theme is quite different I think, but visually the use of a dress as the basis and the placing of the Rorschach over the heart are similar.

I love Shelly Goldsmiths work, I find her pieces poignant and deeply moving with little or no explanation. There is a fascinating sadness that exists whilst conveying such a strong sense of the passing of time with the stories of lives lived.