Personal Identity Visualization

I like both techniques for different reasons and am please with both but they could both be considerably developed further. I could experiment with different dyestuffs to get different colours and textures and I could also develop the design and play around further with the position of the outlined person. there is huge scope to take this further, but I am satisfied with the development of my idea.

In order to visualize a finished single quilt I have created a mock up within Photoshop.

Quilt visualization


Taking eco dyeing further

Encouraged by my testing I made a further stitched sample. I marked out the crude shapes I wanted to keep and bleached out the areas I didn’t. Using wading and a piece of fabric as a back I then stitched outlines and some of the quilted area.
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Eco dyeing as another route…

Whilst using dye-na-flow for my sampling I decided to see if I could get valuable results with eco dyeing.

I have long loved the work of India Flint and felt inspired one morning to see if this way of dyeing would give me results that could work with this project.

It is winter at the moment so I was unable to use fresh plants as a dye source. I have a box of dried bought plant dyes that I thought could be used in this way.

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