Ai Wei Wei – Remains

Remains is a new piece of work by Ai Wei Wei created for his current exhibition at The Royal Academy.

This piece of work has come about after Ai was given a set of bones excavated from a clandestine archeological dig of a known mao labour camp where chinese radical intellectuals had been held (similar to Ai’s own father). Ai Wei Wei has had these bones recreated meticulously in porcelain, a material highly prized by the chinese.

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Uluv – Centre for traditional Slovak folk art production

With several galleries and shops over Bratislava, Uluv aims to promote the traditions of the Slovak culture to visitors as well as within the country to generations who have begun to forget these cultural skills.

I visited 3 of the venues and saw a small exhibition on the traditions of basket making. The shops were also a source of information and learning. Textile traditions are strong in Slovakia and I became more and more interested in the skills of Slovak Blueprint. This was a technique of resist dyeing with indigo, the artisan would used a secret mixture called ‘pap’ to print elaborate patterning onto cloth that was then dyed in indigo vats. When the fabric was rinsed the ‘pap’ would wash out leaving white.

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Jurate Petruskeviciene – Herbarium of Rinkoto, Gallery X Bratislava

On my second night in Bratislava I was invited to another private view. An exhibition in a really lovely gallery space at Gallery X. Lithuanian textile artist Jurate Petruskeviciene.

This work explores the rare and special plant life found at a small Lithuanian nature reserve, using shibori techniques and dyeing to create beautiful explorations of nature and the natural form.

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