Following what I learnt

After making a prototype using ideas and techniques I had experimented with I felt I had a better plan going forward for this piece.

I set about making a final piece more meticulously this time, conscious of the potential pitfalls.

After Death Nothing Is

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I have spent some time considering quotes that could be used in conjunction with this piece of work and that might add another dimension to the piece.

I wanted some text that sums up for me the disappearance of personal memory at death. I have researched epitaphs, quotes and poems over several weeks.

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Rather like using oxides when I worked on my ceramic site specific pieces for Bodmin Jail, I looked at accentuating the texture of the cloth through the gesso.

  • I tried coffee to give an aged effect but I don’t think this works in this instance, I want a sense of immediacy not age.
  • I tried black poster paint but this is too thin in consistency and is difficult to add to as it is water soluble.
  • I tried thick black acrylic and when dry used white acrylic lightly over it as if to add highlights, this just didn’t feel right either.

The best and simplest of these experiments was just to use a dry brush with a small amount of black acrylic on it brushed over the textures and folds



Funnel thoughts

Thinking of the funnel as a metaphor for death, or the last moments of death, it also reminds me of other moments in life.

  • when we feel out of control
  • sinking depression
  • addiction
  • falling into deep sleep
  • as we get closer to things we do not wish to do

As I work on this piece as a representation of death I am aware that it will draw different potential meanings for other people.

Previously I have always felt a need to have my work understood in my own terms and not to be interpreted differently by others. I think that this is because of the personal nature of my work, but my fear of death is my own and the resonance for others may be a different interpretation.