Following on after feedback

After recieving feedback from artists at Magdalen Road Studios I decided to consider videoing myself spinning to further enforce the paper, spinning and memory ideas in peice 2. I cosidered several different ways I could go about it.

I haven’t filmed myself before and did think about asking someone else to film me.

I considered returning to Filament 14 and filming myself there.

In the end I decided to do it in a very personal way by going to the grave of my parents and filming myself there. I felt that it was important in this instance to be alone and use the spinning as a meditative process and a way of taking time to think about death and life.

I used a selfie stick to film myself as well as proping my phone on a bench to do a distance shot. It was a very windy day and this did cause problems for me.

Overall I am relatively pleased though I do really struggle to watch myself, I may get used to it!

I envisage having a screen, showing the video as part of the installation.

I haven’t managed to spin paper by dropping the spindle, it generally doesn’t hold the spin or keep a tight yarn.

NB: Further changes after feedback from my tutor

I recieved feedback about my video from my tutor about the sound. I have now reduced the wind  and added a summer sound file to it.


Extending ideas

I wanted to try and extend the ideas within this piece of work.

The vessel itself predominantly explores the end of life and the loss of memory at death, but the memories that have gone are significant.the visual element of the ‘neuron’ ink painting on the silk paper is visually lost during the spinning process.

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Thinking about display

I have been considering the various ways I could display this piece of work…

It could simply be placed on a plinth, but I don’t think that this would aid the understanding of the piece. It could also be mounted or framed, but this feels too simplistic for this.

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Paper yarn bowl

I padded the inside of the crochet bowl to form a sphere and again used cotton pulp paper clay to cover the lower half of this sphere.

croched paper yarn bowl with paper clay

I left it to dry. When completely dry I dampened the inside and removed some of the paper yarn to reveal the imprint remaining within the clay. I then gilded the imprint with gold flakes.

croched paper yarn bowl with paper clayThe paper yarn represents our memory, tangled and twisted changed over time. When we die our memories die with us but remain with others, different and more precious. Captured and preserved in time.


I have considered the significance of the paper and whether it should simply be paper as a symbol of a life line with the capability of capturing and recording memories and thoughts. I started to think about the process of memory within the brain and looked at science library imagery of neurons and neural activity. I then experimented on wet paper with watercolour to emulate neurons. I also tried dye na flow on white paper and white watercolour on blue paper.


Science imagery of neurons, Sketches using watercolour on wet paper.

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