Piece 3 – Gallery Visualization


  • Upside down empty vessels – spent/used/finished
  • A line of vessels containing imagery of women from previous generations of my family filling the only upright vessel that represents myself.
  • Each vessel stiffened with salt to remind us of the sadness of mourning and the tears.

Item 3 finished pieces

Silk and wool paper vessels – fabric of life.

Salt encrusted relics of the past. An attempt to capture mournful memories of each of the strong women that have made me who I am.

The salt water has dried as a reference to the time passed, and the vessels are on their side empty their contents passed on.

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Developing ideas further…

This piece is beginning to develop into a more positive piece than I had anticipated creating at the start of my major project. I think that the more I consider my feelings towards death and mourning my thoughts are becoming less bleak.

This piece of work explores the idea that elements of previous generations remain in future generations. I have very definite characteristics and traits that I recognise from remembering my mum and these must have come down to her from her mum. I do feel a very strong attachment to the women in my family and it is these strong women who have made me who I am. This is a positive element that brings comfort after the loss of someone close and also allows us to consider the generations that we did not meet.

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I like the idea of our family making us who we are. Continuing with printed images within the vessels I felt that the idea that each one represented a different relative or person was an interesting one….

Using a couple of the previous samples I used a thread to illustrate my thinking and to see if visually it works.

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Fibre vessels further thoughts

I have been considering family a lot in my research and thoughts around what is left after death.

Our genes carry on in our off spring after we die. I see similarities in myself and in my mum now that she is gone and I am older. We cannot help these traits they are simply part of us, passed down through generations. This idea of being tied to previous generations and the comfort of continuing on though future generations is an interesting one. We can take comfort in our realisation that we will continue to be remembered.

However I guess some traits will be unwanted, not something others are keen to perpetuate but this is still a part of us and makes us who we are whether we like it or not. We are all individually made up from previous generations. Our families tie us to each other.

I would like to use this as the basis of piece 3. Using silk paper vessels to represent individual members from the past, gone and empty but still part of a continuing story.

Fibre vessels – further experiments

I have spent some time doing some further experiments with the fibre vessels…
paper Bowl - deterioration

I wanted to see whether I could give a deteriorated feel to one of my silk vessels by simply dampening it. It makes it look crumpled a bit like it has given up.

silk paper Bowl

I also experimented by adding coloured silk threads to the natural silk. I am pleased with this it reminds me of deteriorating vegetation, like flowers left in a vase that have started to decay.

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Silk paper bowl

After creating silk paper, I decided to see if I could use the technique to create a more 3 dimensional structure.

silk paper bowl

I pasted the fibres over the outside of a smooth metal bowl.

Continuing my research and exploration of empty vessels as a metaphor for death and loss. I decided to experiment with printing imagery using cyanotype techniques onto bought handmade paper and then pasting the image onto my hand made silk paper.

My first attempt failed. I tried to paste the image on when the silk paper was still wet and the image simply faded to nothing pretty quickly.

My next attempt was much more successful.

silk bowl with cyanotype

For this sample I used an image of my dad that I had to hand. To develop this further I need to go away and consider the imagery I want to use. I need to consider whether to use my own memories or more generic memories simply to convey my ideas.

I think the cyanotype is a good choice because of the connotation’s of ‘feeling blue’. Printing onto the bought handmade wrapping paper has allowed the image to begin to deteriorate in places which also follows the ideas of deteriorating memory or fading memory.