Piece 4 reconsidered

Having spent some time away from this piece of work, I have taken the opportunity to reconsider it.

I had felt that the loneliness of a single flower would convey a certain sadness but after some consideration I feel that the layers do not convey the support of previous generations in a powerful enough way.

With this piece I want a sense of the layers of generations are what make us who we are. the brown ‘decayed’ petals / flowers represent these. The white flower on the top represents current living generations, a vessel capable of containing, untarnished and bright. Supported by the flowers beneath. I want it to look forlorn, as a memorial decoration would and i wanted a direct reference to the historical immortelle grave decorations.

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Fine tuning

I felt that the flower was lacking a little depth and decided to experiment with adding a further layer of black fabric at the very bottom. In the second picture below the added black adds an additional layer of bleakness, the final stage of life ie death and also the generation of forgotten souls and is also reminiscent of the Victorian mourning clothing.


Textile Mourning Flower

Flowers as remembrance

Flowers through history have been synonymous with remembrance and mourning. We have flowers at funerals we plant roses as memorials to people gone, flower images are carved into headstones, poppies are used for remembrance day, flowers are left at the site of an accident etc. Immortelles are particularly interesting to me. They are an attempt to halt decay, made of ceramic and placed on graves with the added protection often of glass and a wire cage to both protect from damage and the elements.

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Conceptual flower

After enjoying the beautiful peonies in my garden, they started to die. This process is significant to me, growth and death, new life as well as the layers that signify generations, as well as layers of life. Peonies remind me of my past and my family and these images have a real sadness to them. The colours of the flower become rust like and the petals gnarled and twisted.
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