Major Project – Pieces Together

I have been given a fantastic opportunity to install my final pieces within the Magdalen Road Studios Filament 14 exhibition space. This has given me the experience of considering how to display and hang the work as well as being able to consider all the work together.

I have also emailed all studio artists and associate artists and hope to recieve some constructive critical feedback.

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Extending ideas

I wanted to try and extend the ideas within this piece of work.

The vessel itself predominantly explores the end of life and the loss of memory at death, but the memories that have gone are significant.the visual element of the ‘neuron’ ink painting on the silk paper is visually lost during the spinning process.

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Raija Jokinen

Raija Jokinen is a textile artist from Finland. Alot of her work uses fibre and is based on and references the body and ‘the borderlines of physical and immaterial feelings’.

I discovered her work through various searches within Pinterest and was really interested in a body of work where she uses paper and paper yarn in intriguing ways. Seemingly unstructured wrapping and weaving painted in a nieve way.

I really like the rawness of these pieces and the simple unstructured nature of them. They seem to be simply woven in on themselves rather than using a particular formal technique. The use of paper yarn has similarities to some of my pieces in my major project but also I feel some of the essence of them can be carried through to my work.

Considering display

My original idea make this much larger and to wall mount it.

I have spent some time looking at hidden ways of achieving this.

After some research I came across the clever bottonfix…

This could be the perfect solution!

Developing item 6

After waiting several days for the paper clay to dry, I started to burn the paper yarn from the clay. I also wet the yarn and removed some this way. I completely forgot to take photos of this but I didn’t feel happy with the outcome and decided to spray paint the interior instead. This gave the darkness and forboding that I felt I needed.

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