Going back to piece 6

Unsatisfied with the outcome of the other scale sample for piece 6, I have decided to go back to it and work on a few of the problems.

The main problems for me were the shape and the smoothness of the exterior surface. I used a slightly deflated football this time as a mold. being slightly deflated meant that there was some movement which helped during the drying incase there was any shrinkage and it also aided the removal of the piece. It gave a much more satisfying uniform shape.

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Considering display

My original idea make this much larger and to wall mount it.

I have spent some time looking at hidden ways of achieving this.

After some research I came across the clever bottonfix…

This could be the perfect solution!

Developing item 6

After waiting several days for the paper clay to dry, I started to burn the paper yarn from the clay. I also wet the yarn and removed some this way. I completely forgot to take photos of this but I didn’t feel happy with the outcome and decided to spray paint the interior instead. This gave the darkness and forboding that I felt I needed.

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After a brief wobble about confidence I have decided to persue further my exploration of impressions whilst revisiting the ideas around spun paper,  memory and vessels.

I have also thought further about Anish Kapoors work and his ‘Void’ pieces that you almost feel a part of. Huge concave domes mounted on the wall that once you are stood directly infront of, envelopes the viewer. Almost portal like these appear as a space between. Death and an afterworld? one dimension and another? This sense of staring into the unknown is an interesting one and feels very much like an extension of what I feel I am trying to do. To make the viewer face the ideas of death and what is after as well as considering the life lived.


I would like to develop my ideas of vessels and memory into a large wall mounted experience.

My hope with this item is to create a small ‘marquet’ of my ideas.